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Les Combes Sulle orme dei Papi

Monday, 8 August 2022

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The village of Introd is known to be a place loved by Popes. Two Popes have spent their holidays here, alternating relaxing excursions in the mountains with intense moments of prayer, reading and reflection, favoured by the tranquillity and beauty of the place.

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Maison Musée Jean-Paul II

The Maison Musée Jean-Paul II was created to pay homage to the Holy Father John Paul II, who for many years honoured the Aosta Valley with his presence.


During his 27 years of pontificate, John Paul II stayed for ten years, during the summer holidays, in Les Combes di Introd, a small village now called "Lieu dit du Saint Père". Pope Benedict XVI also chose to stay here on three occasions.


The Maison Musée Jean Paul II houses an exhibition of objects that belonged to John Paul II, enriched by numerous photographs taken at the most intense moments of his long Pontificate, a philatelic section and an exhibition of coins minted during the years of John Paul II's Pontificate.


There is no fee as the Museum has been managed for two years by the Parish "Conversione di San Paolo" of Introd through a volunteer, so the offer for the service (also for the guide and explanations) is free, leaving the visitors the choice of how much to give, bearing in mind that, in any case, the offers will be devolved to charities

Private shuttle service costs: 15€ per person.


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